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AMA with Gram and Mr. Business


DISCLAIMER: This is not all-inclusive and provided by the community. If someone wants more detail they should listen to the AMA!

During today's AMA there was some very interesting questions and answers. To help the community digest them all we have put together the comments made during the AMA

  1. DEX insurance is important for users. Anonymous team but they want people to know they take security seriously. This is coming to the exchange and individual users. Any project listed on ZERO will need a contract audit and multi-sig or timelock. Vetting and quality control.
  2. Members of team come from all over the crypto space. Work on other exchanges, securitized tokens, business development
  3. May see another chain BEFORE DOT!!! 🚨 🚨
  4. NFTs. There will be some ZERO focused NFTs that give you access to features on ZERO. There will also be a route for creators to get involved. In-house artists will be employed to create limited, monthly NFTs.
  5. Working to establish a foundation.
  6. DOT test contracts up in 2-3 weeks?!
  7. More IDOs coming. The focus will be projects that want cross-chain capabilities.

##DOT: Work is happening in the background. There are 4 devs on the team that are focused on this. The test contracts should be up in 2-3 weeks (give or take). The $ZERO side of things will be ready to go before the DOT side at this point.

##Governance: Working with a legal team to establish a foundation and front-facing group to establish trust in $ZERO. Insurance is in the works. The team understands they need to work extra hard to establish trust because they are anonymous. The team takes trust and security very seriously.

##IDOs: The WSB IDO is coming, news should be out TODAY (3/16). There will be a $ZERO tier for sure. This was a key reason they decided to partner with BSCPAD. Stay tuned. There are more IDOs in the works. The team will focus on projects that share our project's focus on cross-chain functionality. They will also have a vetting process for these projects that includes: audits, multi-sig/time-locked wallets, etc.

##NFTs: $ZERO will focus on creating an artist-friendly marketplace for NFTs. They will have a program with artists-in-residence and offer limited run NFTs on a monthly basis. These NFTs will be limited in number and possibly grant holders access to features on the platform.

##Zero Team: Gram reiterated much of what he's stated in the past. The team will remain anonymous, but consists of industry veterans with experience working on other exchanges, securitized tokens, business development and more.


Gram said the team is leaning towards making $ZERO deflationary. He also said it is possible we could get ANOTHER chain before DOT goes live!