Smart Chain Reference Guide


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Getting started

First of all if this is your first APE into the world of crypto welcome! Before you yeet all your coins at the market we are going to take you through a few steps so that your attempt to make your wife's boyfriend jealous is successful and you can enjoy tendies of your own.


To get started on Binance Smart Chain you are going to need a few tools and links to get you started.

  1. Configure your RPC settings for MetaMask so you can connect to the Smart Chain networks
  2. Add the tokens you want to hold so MetaMask is ready and you're able to see the coins' balances

MetaMask RPC Settings for Binance Smart Chain


Often when you end up on a new chain you are missing the addresses for the additional tokens that you hold in your wallet. This can lead to confusion and thinking that you are missing coins. After you do your RPC additions to get the chain interacting with your meta mask you also need to add your asset by its address on the new chain. The reason for this is DeFI is so new that MetaMask has yet to release a version that contains chains other then Ethereum. You can add any of the addresses below as custom tokens inside your MetaMask on the Ethereum network. Since Ethereum was the original DeFI chain it is already built into MetaMask and doesn't require an addition to work. One thing you might be missing though inside your MM is the ZERO token so why don't we try and add it. Go to assests -> Add token -> Custom Token and input the Zero address listed below. It should find the Symbol after you paste it in there and compare it against the table below. Keep in mind here that each smart contract that is deployed has a contract address and each BEP20 token that you are adding to your wallet needs to be identified by it's original smart contract address to be genuine.


Scammers are out there minting tokens that have the same names and same supply but only one will have the valid contract address.


Zero0x1f534d2B1ee2933f1fdF8e4b63A44b2249d77EAf 18
BUSD0xe9e7cea3dedca5984780bafc599bd69add087d56 18
zETH0x7c815bbc21fed2b97ca163552991a5c30d6a2336 18
BSCPAD0x5A3010d4d8D3B5fB49f8B6E57FB9E48063f16700 18
WISB0x4f491d389A5bF7C56bd1e4d8aF2280fD217C8543 18
MATIC0xcc42724c6683b7e57334c4e856f4c9965ed682bd 18

Adding Liquidity


Add Staking BNB-ZERO 1Add Staking BNB-ZERO 2Add Staking BNB-ZERO 3Add Staking BNB-ZERO 4Add Staking BNB-ZERO 5Add Staking BNB-ZERO 6Add Staking BNB-ZERO 7Add Staking BNB-ZERO 8Add Staking BNB-ZERO 9Add Staking BNB-ZERO 10Add Staking BNB-ZERO 11Add Staking BNB-ZERO 12Add Staking BNB-ZERO 13Add Staking BNB-ZERO 14Add Staking BNB-ZERO 15Add Staking BNB-ZERO 16



Screen Shots

Before you start

Before Adding Tokens

After you finish

Before Adding Tokens
To see screen shots for adding a token click on the tab above for the desired token. In each of these screen shots it's assumed you understand to click next and then add token to complete the addition of the token to your wallet.


Binance Smart Chain RPC Settings

Binance Smart Chain Block Explorer

Binance Smart Chain Launch Pad

Binance Smart Chain View

0 Dex

Cross-chain Transfers

Official Zero Documentation for Cross-chain Transfers


Official Zero Documentation for Liquidity Pools


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