IDO Allocation Questions


Q: For the IDO allocations, does it matter on which chain I hold my Zero tokens/provide liquidity

A: No, you can hold Zero on multiple chains.

It doesn't matter on which chain you are holding Zero or being in liquidity pools, the Zero Exchange will compound per wallet all your assets across the chains to determine your tier level and the number of lottery tickets you earn.

Please check this page for more details: Tier levels, lottery system, snapshots, etc


  • Prior to each IDO, an additional rule to be able to earn allocations, is that you must hold enough ZERO or provide enough liquidity during a certain amount of time: That time period is communicated for each IDO.
  • To ensure that each wallet respects that rule, random snapshots are taken during that time frame: Your final tier level and number of tickets calculation will be based on the lowest amount you had during that period.
  • For an upcoming IDO, if you had no ZERO tokens before the start of the snapshot or not enough ZERO to qualify for at least one ticket, and you bought ZERO during the snapshots period, then you are not qualified to participate in winning an allocation for that IDO