SOLANA Reference Guide


These docs are provided by the community please use at your own risk


Circulating Supply 272,637,428 SOL

Total Supply 494,519,162 SOL

The SOL token distribution is as follows: 16.23% went towards an initial seed sale, 12.92% of tokens were dedicated to a founding sale, 12.79% of SOL coins were distributed among team members and 10.46% of tokens were given to the Solana Foundation. The remaining tokens were already released for public and private sales or are still to be released to the market.

Solana relies on a unique combination of proof-of-history (PoH) and proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanisms. Proof-of-history is the main component of the Solana protocol, as it is responsible for the bulk of transaction processing. PoH records successful operations and the time that has passed between them, thus ensuring the trustless nature of the blockchain

Before you YETH all your coins at the market we are going to take you through a few steps so that your attempt to make your wife's boyfriend jealous is successful and you can enjoy copious amounts of coins of your own. Always remember that with all these new chains that are still in heavy development it's important you proceed at your own risk.

To get started on SOLANA you are going to need a few tools and links.

  1. Setup a seed with the web wallet
  2. Backup your sollet wallet seed into your cold storage books (PLEASE DONT SKIP THIS STEP PLEB)
  3. Add tokens to Sollet that you want to hold. For sure at least ROPE and USDC.
  4. Go to Binance or your exchange of choice and buy SOL
  5. Send the SOL from your CEX (CEntral eXchange) to your sollet wallet by finding your sollet receive address and pasting that as the withdrawal address at your CEX.


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ROPE8PMHT4swUMtBzgHnh5U564N5sjPSiUz2cjEQzFnnP1Fo 9
COPE3K6rftdAaQYMPunrtNRHgnK2UAtjm2JwyT2oCiTDouYE 0

Screen Shots

After you finish

Before Adding Tokens
To see screen shots for adding a token click on the tab above for the desired token. In each of these screen shots it's assumed you understand to click next and then add token to complete the addition of the token to your wallet.


Serum Academy

Solana Block Explorer

Solana Ecosystem Projects

Project Serum DEX

Raydium DEX

Luna Dex


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