GROW Players Guide


These docs are provided by the community please use at your own risk

Getting started

Grow is a platform to drive decentrazlied cannabis cultivation, while also serving as a payment and distribution verification method for the medicial cannabis industry.

To get started with GROW you are going to understand how the game works.

  1. Go to either the Primary Marketplace or Secondary Marketplace and buy yourself a flower
  2. You can see flowers you have purchased here just need to add your address at the end of the link
  3. Once you purchase a flower you need to find a tile that has the same land type (soil,stone,sand,lava,water,ice) as the flower needs inside the game.
  4. Then you inspect your tile, till your tile, then you can plant your seed on your tile. Don't forget to water it when you are done.
  5. Seeds take about 20-90 mins to grow depending on the strain.
  6. Once you seed has grown you can either havest it or you can breed it with your neighbours.


Plots of Land

Primary Marketplace

Secondary Marketplace

Screen Shots


GROW Planting 1GROW Planting 2GROW Planting 3GROW Planting 4


GROW Breeding 1


Plots of Land

Primary Marketplace

Secondary Marketplace


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