Which wallet to use?

The ideal wallet is one which can add/support a multitude of chains, so all the assets are centralised in one wallet even when Zero adds more chains in the future.

MetaMask is the top recommended one:

  • Is already the "go to" wallet when interacting with decentralised exchange
  • The team is trying to smooth as much as possible the interactions between MetaMask and the Zero Exchange (like the automatic chain switching feature for example)
  • Regardless on which chains you have assets, you have one single MetaMask address (there is not a different address by chain)

MetaMask can be used either as an extension to your browser, either as a mobile app: To install MetaMask starting from the Zero Exchange, check this Zero DeFi Academy Youtube tutorial.

Make sure that you install/download the legit MetaMask extension/app, crypto is full of (creative) scammers. If it's not a legit MetaMask, you could risk losing all your assets.