Issues with pending/failed transactions?


When there is a pending transaction message that seems to not disappear by itself, try first to reset your account in MetaMask (it only clear its history, nothing else) and/or clear cache/cookies of your browser


It's good practice to reset your MetaMask account once in while

You made a swap or an action in a liquidity pool and the transaction is pending for what feels like forever

If it's on the Ethereum or BSC chains, several causes:

  1. Network is congested at times: These are slow networks (certainly compared to Avalanche for example) and sometimes, they are so congested that a transaction can take a very long time before being processed
  2. BSC network is known to have had severe (temporary) problems at times (due to its popularity and huge amount of traffic): Nothing works on it until Binance fixes it
  3. You can try to speed up the transactions in MetaMask (fee will be higher) to put your transaction at a higher priority level for the network
  4. Slippage : If you are trading a token with high volatility, the price may vary a lot between the moment you put your swap orders in and the moment your transaction is processed by the network. So you can configure how much tolerance on the swap price you have entered you are accepting to accept for the trade to be successful.

If the price falls out of the tolerance, transaction is not executed (but you will still pay a fee for that), please check this Article about slippage

If it's on the Avalanche chain and when using MetaMask (but could be tried with other chains as well):

  1. MetaMask is not yet optimised fully for the Avalanche chain: Automatic MetaMask readiness is not fully streamlined like for the other chains.
  2. Every time you switch from another chains to the Avalanche chain, it's good practice to reset your account in MetaMask before doing a swap or managing your liquidity in the liquidity pools
    1. In MetaMask: Go to the menu next to the name of the chain, then "Settings" > "Advanced" > "Reset account"
    2. Resetting account in MetaMask is like clearing the history, there are no impacts on any transactions going on or deleting other things in the wallet
  3. In the browser, try also to clear cache/cookies and reconnect your wallet to see if the pending message disappears. Restarting the browser after these steps may help too.

You tried to do a cross chain transaction

When crossing a bridge, these are the recommended MetaMask settings:

  1. Our section on cross-chain transfers
  2. Zero exchange documentation about the gas settings

If you have a transaction which didn't get through (your tokens are not received at the other side/chain in your wallet), head to the main Telegram channel and message an admin, you will have to provide the transaction details:

  1. Go to the Main channel
  2. Type #admins if you want to identify who the real admins are (by the way, they will never message you first!) and contact one that is online