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These docs are provided by the community please use at your own risk

Getting started

Nonfungible apes is an NFT project with a twist. Your apes can be paired together into APE families and staked to make APE babies and earn rewards. Sounds interesting and like no other NFT's you own doesn't it?

To get started with nonfungible apes you will need a few tools and links.

  1. Go to nonfungibleapes.wtf to read up on whats new
  2. Now head over to opensea to buy your first APE.
  3. Make sure you purchase a male and a female APE so you will be able to stake
  4. Head over to the staking site to get started
  5. Keep in mind that you need to know the numbers of your apes you are staking as the UI currently doesn't show them to you visually. I found the easiest way to do this was go to opensea and look at your profile and then write down or add to a notepad the numbers of the apes you want to stake
  6. If you are concerned with gas prices please keep an eye on the etherscan gastracker site and try and start your staking when the average gas fee is under 10 gwei

Screen Shots

APES Examples - pay attention to te attributes they matter