Partners for the relayers

Role of relayers in the bridge operation

Conceptual explanation about the bridge operation on this page.

This is an exact copy/paste of an explanation of the team lead on Telegram, content will be reworked later:

"when tokens cross the bridge they are not burned, they are locked on contract, the asset is then minted as a wrapped token on the destination chain. when the trader goes back in the other direction the wrapped token is burned and the token that was locked is released 1:1 back to the user"

"there are multiple relayers that all vote at the same time, a majority is needed for a txn to be approved. currently the threshhold is 4/6"

"that being said there are some safeguards in place and we have a alert system similar to an emergency phone tree if any issues arise. stuck txn's due to blockchain instability or end user error (using too low of gas) are now automated to be processed (unstuck) as well in an automated batching process.

our relayers also have an auto restart feature if for example the hosting service goes down. everything is behind multiple firewalls and is managed by our security team via azure/microsoft

we also have several redundacies in place including backup relayers and servers for all instances, nodes, and associated infrastructure"

"we spent the last 2 months mtg with our relay partners and moving relayers so the ones who agreed to run them were okay being public, we also spent a not insignificant amount of money on beefing up everything (mostly making sure we had backups and redundancies in place). if we attract the cross chain txn volume we think we can we will be processing hundreds of thousands of txn's each week, so everything needs to be able to perform under quite a bit of load"

"someone asked me the other day why BSC dex platforms seem to be getting exploited so much, so will quickly address that. most if not all of those exploits are because the contracts (farming staking, etc) allow for flash loan interaction. our contracts are not only audited but do not allow flash loans, so you won't ever see a pancake or burgerswap type exploit with relay"