GROW - June 1st, 2021

Status: Done

What is GROW?

GROW Telegram:

Date: June 1st, 2021

KYC required? Yes
Extract from the official Zero announcement channel on Telegram:

  • NEW KYC Provider for future IDOs, including GROW. If you have already KYCd for WASDER you do not need to KYC again
  • if not yet KYC for Wasder, KYC with Blockpass

Allocation winners: 

  • Guaranteed allocations list (if your KYC is OK and you had 100k Zero at least by holding or in equivalent in liquidity pools)
  • All wallets which are KYCed OK
  • Claiming the allocation: Switch to the BSC chain, have some BUSD ready in your wallet. If your wallet has been whitelisted and added by the team to the Zero allocation system, you will see the screen to claim your allocation

Tier and snapshots:

Token: $GROW

Token contract address:

Smart Chain: 0x081a4d4e4a0cc74d6a7a61578f86b8c93cc950a0

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