Withdrawing LP tokens from a liquidity pool

Check this faq on how to manage your liquidity pools.

Check this Zero DeFi Academy Youtube tutorial

Withdrawing liquidity from a liquidity pool involves 2 general processes:

  1. Removing the LP tokens from the liquidity pool: This is the scope of this FAQ
  2. Receive/extract the paired tokens from the LP tokens to get them back in the wallet: Please check this FAQ



For the steps where an action is required in MetaMask (confirming/signing a transaction), the next step may be slow or quick depending on the chain where you are providing liquidity (Ethereum is usually much slower than the other chains), just be patient until the system goes to the next step

  1. Make sure your wallet is connected to the Zero Exchange

  2. Select the chain and then the pool you want to remove liquidity from. Select "Live" or "Finished", depending if you will withdraw from a pool still open or closed. In our example, we will remove liquidity from a finished pool ZERO-AVAX on the Avalanche chain

    Select liquidity pool
  3. Click on the "Select" button after selecting the liquidity pool

    Select liquidity pool
  4. You will arrive on the ZERO/AVAX liquidity pool management screen. Click on the "Withdraw From Pool" link

    Select liquidity pool
  5. System will display the confirmation screen, click on "Withdraw & Claim"

    Select liquidity pool
  6. A transaction fee is due for the confirmation step: MetaMask will open automatically, click on "Confirm"

    Select liquidity pool
  7. A screen is displayed to inform that the transaction is submitted, you can close it anytime:

    Select liquidity pool
  8. You are back on the ZERO/AVAX liquidity pool management screen. Depending on the speed of the transaction, you may have a pending transaction information in the area B of this screen: Once processed, system displays a confirmation message. The area A shows everything as "0", meaning you are not in the pool anymore

    Select liquidity pool
  9. At this stage, you withdrew the LP tokens (the underlying pairs are not yet back in your wallet). Now, you can either choose to:

    • Re-enter a newly opened liquidity pool for example with the exact same paired token (in this tutorial, we removed the LP tokens from a finished/closed liquidity pool)
    • Extract and retrieve the paired token from the LP tokens and get them back in your wallet: These are the next step in this FAQ