NFT Reference Guide


These docs are provided by the community please use at your own risk

Getting started

So you think you are ready for your very own digital cupcake hey? This page is intended to kickstart you in the right direction with your adventure into the NFT world. I know you have a short attention span so let's dive in.

To get started with the NFT world you are going to need a few tools and links to get you started.

  1. Download Rainbow Wallet from the App Store or PlayStore
  2. Manually backup your Rainbow Wallet seed into your cold storage books
  3. Take note of your ETH address as this is where you will be sending your newly acquired NFT's.
  4. Send some ETH to your new wallet so you have money for fees when you want to send your new NFT's out
  5. Go to Rarible or your NFT market of choice and buy some NFT's
  6. Send them to the ETH address listed in your Rainbow Wallet
  7. It can take up to 10 minutes for the collectible to show inside your wallet be patient!


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