Where to buy BNB?

Centralised Exchanges:

  1. Binance:

    1. Binance
    2. Binance US
    3. It's very straight forward to send to MetaMask (see other FAQ about that subject)
  2. From Kucoin:

    1. Kucoin
    2. Less straight forward to send to MetaMask than when buying on Binance directly. You will have to use Trust Wallet on your mobile as an intermediate step.

BNB from Kucoin must be sent first to the Trust Wallet on the BEP2 network


In Trust Wallet, on the BNB tab hit the three dots and chooose "Swap to Smart Chain" to swap the BNB from the BEP2 to the BEP20 network. Then send the BEP20 BNB to MetaMask